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Re: Does the cross toolchain really work?

From: newper
Subject: Re: Does the cross toolchain really work?
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 10:42:32 +0800

2009/1/20 Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org>:
> newper wrote:
>> the system just reboot.
> At which point does it reboot?  Which gnumach are you using?  Debian's?
> gnumach-1-branch's?
> Samuel

After I applied the hurd tls patch I recompiled hurd using the code
from hurd cvs then I use the gnumach which downloaded from hurd
cvs,when I boot it,it just hang on ext2fs.static.Again I use a hurd
livecd which download from www.superunprivileged.org . I mount my hard
disk (<2G)  at /mnt/myhurd then run /mnt/myhurd/hurd/ext2fs.static the
system just reboot.Then I want to test the dynamic libraray.
So I typed these commands:
cd /mnt/myhurd/lib
./ld-2.7 --library-path /mnt/myhurd/lib /mnt/myhurd/hurd/ext2fs
The system just reboot.

I have built the toolchain for several times,I think I did something
wrong between hurd and glibc
First time,I built the toolchain follow the instructions (only gcc and
glibc are patched), The ext2fs.static doesn't work(the system hang at
ext2fs.static when booting)
Then I built the glibc with "--without-__thread"(only gcc and glibc
are patched) The ext2fs.static seem to work(the system hang at 'exec'
when booting)
When I add tls patches for hurd it hang at ext2fs.static when booting

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