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NX support in GNU Mach

From: Yuhong Bao
Subject: NX support in GNU Mach
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:14:56 -0700

I heard that PAE support has been recently implemented in GNU Mach.
I think the next step is to add No-Execute (NX) support to GNU Mach.
NX is a feature of modern CPUs that allows memory to be marked as non-executable for increased security.
It requires PAE.
I'd also suggest adding support for more then 4 GB of RAM to GNU Mach, but considering that it does not even support more than 1 GB of RAM yet, I'd fix that before trying to support more than 4 GB of RAM. And it is IMO important to fix, because most of today's PCs have more than 1 GB of RAM, especially thanks to Vista. Also important IMO is ACPI support, which will help when implementing SMP support.

Yuhong Bao

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