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[address@hidden: [Savannah-announce] Recover your repositories]

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: [address@hidden: [Savannah-announce] Recover your repositories]
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 11:30:25 +0200
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Email is full-quoted and with my comments inlined.

| ----- Forwarded message from Sylvain Beucler <beuc@gnu.org> -----
| Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 09:16:55 +0200
| Subject: [Savannah-announce] Recover your repositories
| The system is now completely functional.
| It's time to decide what to do with your data.
| (see first explanations at 
| Please discuss and send questions at savannah-users@gnu.org !
| For import requests: see below, you need to send a support request via
| the web interface.
| Basically your choices are:
| a) you can use the backup from April 29

This is good enough for us, because...

| b) you can use our latest (incomplete) backup from May 29
| c) you can import another backup you have
| d) you can wait a few days until we possibly recover latest data from the 
crashes disk (nothing is sure though). More details about this later.
| Here's how do it for the various VCSs:
| * CVS:
| a) The version from 29 April in the 'backup-20090429' subdirectory.
| b) The version from 29 May in the 'backup-20090529-incomplete' subdirectory.
| c) Upload your backup in your download area (SFTP) for us to import
| Access commands:
| cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sv.gnu.org:/sources/backup-20090429/your_project 
co your_module
| cvs 
 co your_module
| rsync rsync://cvs.sv.gnu.org/sources/backup-20090429/your_project/

... this version (backup-20090429) is sufficiently recent for us, as no
checkins to the CVS repository have been done after this date, due to the
(still) ongoing CVS to Git migration.  (By the way, I'm currently (a)
waiting for a clean-up script by Jim Meyering, and (b) tracking down,
with the help of its author, either a bug in the conversion program, or a
repository corruption in the gnumach module.)  Also, I diffed the
backup-20090429 rsync tree against my local rsync mirror and found it to
be in a correct state.

| rsync rsync://cvs.sv.gnu.org/sources/backup-20090529-incomplete/your_project/
| IN ALL CASES: post a support request, authenticated (i.e. login first) at 
https://savannah.gnu.org/support/?func=additem&group=administration with 
category "RECOVERY: CVS/SVN". Requests send by mail or in the wrong category 
won't be processed.
| If after 2 weeks we didn't receive an answer for your project, we'll 
reinstall the latest backup we have.
| * SVN:

[Snipped, as not relevant for us.]

| * Git:
| a) We installed the version from 29 April.
| b) You can attempt to recover from the partial 29 May backup: 
| c) You can push a local version if you have one (git push --all; git push 
| You can import the repository directly, without our help.

... exactly! (thanks DVCS!); for the web pages repository I already
pushed the missing changes, and for the other repositories the same can
be done, and I'll take care of that as soon as I have the conversion
finished properly.  Neal, you can also simply push your viengoos and
viengoos-on-bare-meal branches back into the Viengoos Git repository.

| * Mercurial:

[Snipped, as not relevant for us.]

| * WebCVS:
| We plan to either recover the data from disk, or failing that, manually 
commit the latest version at www.gnu.org and www.nongnu.org.

... we don't care, as we have all the history in our web pages' Git
repository and use the CVS one only as a transport mechanism to get the
files to the web server.


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