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A GNU/Hurd Roadmap dream

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: A GNU/Hurd Roadmap dream
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 22:22:45 +0200
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I just dreamed of a Roadmap the Hurd might have - a Roadmap which would be the 
perfect Roadmap for making the Hurd useful for me. 

I thought I'd share the dream with you. 

This is the Roadmap I dreamt of: 

1) Sound support: Now I can listen to my music (essential). 

2) Qemu image with X11 out of the box: Now I can do most of my general 
development work in the Hurd, including convenient websurfing. 

3) Solid hardware support: Now I can use a dual-boot on my main computer. 

4) Linux device driver wrapper: Now I don't really need Linux anymore - except 
for some applications. I can spend most of my computer time using the Hurd. 
And I can port some applications I need. 

Then I awoke and I thought "and it would be great to add just one more item": 

5) Gentoo Portage on the GNU/Hurd: Now the work for maintaining the software 
bases shrinks massively and more software can be made available at far lower 
maintenance cost. 

This is not necessary, though. It also wasn't part of the dream. 

Best wishes, 

PS: A native installer wasn't part of the dream, either. I don't need it for 
using the Hurd. 

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