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Re: NX support in GNU Mach

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: NX support in GNU Mach
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 13:42:30 +0200
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Yuhong Bao, le Sun 14 Jun 2009 00:02:44 -0700, a écrit :
> In fact, even Windows XP SP2 and later had to enable PAE with physical 
> address space limited to 4GB in order to enable NX.

Err, of course, the NX bit wouldn't be there, else.

> 32-bit GNU Mach is limited to 1 GB of memory, so NX and Xen support are the 
> only uses for PAE on 32-bit GNU Mach.
> To actually address more than 1 GB GNU Mach will need to be ported to 64-bit 
> (which can sttill run with a 32-bit userspace), or something similar to 
> Linux's HIGHMEM will need to be added.

That's precisely what I said, and I refused to implement HIGHMEM, it's
just too clumsy.


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