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Re: Setting up eth-multiplexer in QEMU

From: Da Zheng
Subject: Re: Setting up eth-multiplexer in QEMU
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 16:34:22 +0800
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Sergiu Ivanov wrote:

On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 08:45:43PM +0800, Da Zheng wrote:
I failed to install Hurd in Q - the qemu for Mac OS X, so I cannot test eth-multiplexer in qemu. Could you just run the modified pfinet directly on gnumach? So we can test which component has the problem. Of course, you have to use the bpf patch I sent to the mailing list.

Do you suggest trying the following (where pfinet is the path to the
modified pfinet executable):

# settrans -a /servers/socket/2 pfinet -i /dev/eth0 -a <ip> -g <ip> -m

If so, it fails with pfinet: eth0: (ipc/mig) bad request message ID.

Does it work for you?
This is the most basic setup.
I bet you didn't run devnode on /dev/eth0:-)
eth-mulitplexer needs to set the ethernet card to the promiscuous mode. I wonder if that can cause the problem.

Unfourtunately, when I try googling for ``qemu'' and ``promiscuous''
together, I get the information about setting up bridged networking
with the guest system and nothing about possible problems with turning
the emulated network card in promiscuous mode :-(
I should test again whether they can work if the Ethernet card cannot be set in promiscuous mode. I look into the code of eth-multiplexer again. It seems that eth-multiplexer should work even if the ethernet card cannot be set in promiscuous mode.

Zheng Da

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