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Re: News...

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: News...
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 16:20:59 +0200
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Hi Olaf, 

Am Samstag, 4. Juli 2009 10:27:58 schrieb olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net:
> Sorry for being late (as always), but here is a couple more things:

Now that's what I call a productive month! :) 

Do you mean Berkeley Packet Filter with BPF? 

> I made some progress with my KGI port -- I can now run GGI demo programs
> on top of KGI/Hurd. (I'm not sure we should mention that though, as most
> of the code is not public yet...)

Could you get it into the open, so I can add a link? With a link and maybe a 
short weblog post it would be nice news, I think. 

Maybe some git repo or such. 

Best wishes, 

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- Arne (http://draketo.de)
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