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Want to Contribute

From: Salahuddin Pasha
Subject: Want to Contribute
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 00:01:00 +0600

Dear all,

   I would like to contribute in GNU/HURD.

- What areas are you interested in contributing to?

I would like to contribute in "Porting Packages", I have previous experience of creating Debian GNU/Linux packages from source.

In future I will try my best to contribute in "Hurd on a modern microkernel".

- How is your expertise about system and kernel programming?

I have basic knowledge about system and kernel programming. I just finished my undergrad and need to study details on these.

- Have you previously been working on Free Software projects?

Yes, I am running a small project at SF.net - netaccess- squid.sourceforge.net (project owner/core developer).

I am also involved with our local OSS group www.ankur.org.bd since 2004 (testing, localization, development).

- Probhat Keyboard for Mac OS X - ankur.org.bd/wiki/ Documentation#Mac_OS_X_2

Simple package installer for Linux for newbie (project owner/core developer) -

Screenshots: picasaweb.google.com/salahuddin66/Development (written in both GTK+ and QT)

        Download: http://www.ankur.org.bd/downloads/add-on/

- What is your motivation to work on the GNU Hurd?

I am involved with OSS from several years. I am using Linux as my primary desktop since 2004 (now also familiar with Mac OS X). I have tested initial testing version of GNU/HURD 2-3 years back in my old P- lll 750MHz. Though I have to write so many lines to boot from grub, after get the HURD login shell, I was simply amazed. I have planned to contribute to GNU/HURD project after finish my undergrad.




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