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Re: News 2009-08-31

From: Sergiu Ivanov
Subject: Re: News 2009-08-31
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 00:44:06 +0300
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On Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 12:52:28PM +0200, Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 6. September 2009 17:07:01 schrieb Sergiu Ivanov:
> > git://github.com/scolobb/unionmount.git
> I assume from the discussion, that this will not be the final
> destination.  Am I right in that?

I think yes.  I'm going to push things to gitorious.
> > Please note that syncing may not work as expected in this variant,
> > since the problem with implementing the corresponding libnetfs stubs
> > in unionfs in the master branch has not been solved yet.  Other parts
> > of unionmount should be working pretty well.
> -> to the description? 

Yes, I think it should go there.  Although it's only a temporary
state, I think it should still be mentioned and the remark removed
when the problem has been solved.
> > OK, I'll do that.  There is a small problem though: I'm not sure
> > on which page to create the documentation.  There is
> > hurd-web/hurd/translator/unionmount.mdwn, but it's the description
> > of the project idea.
> After seeing that the other translators are also described there,
> I'd say just add a section
> # What it does
> above the project description and give the project description a title like 
> ------ 
> # Initial project description
> That way we can most easily refactor the text into another page and
> include that, similar to what is done for the tmpfs translator: ->
> http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd/translator/tmpfs.html

Yeah, something similar occurred to me just a moment ago.
> > The
> > problem is that unionmount is very much sensitive to any apparently
> > minor misbehaviour of the mountee (choosing weird inode numbers for
> > one), so things might break mysteriously.  If you experience anything
> > like that, announce me, please.
> I hope I'll get around to testing it in the not too distant future
> (need to go to my books, learning... ).

I'll try to do that :-)
> > > Where will changed files be written in that case? In the dir where
> > > they originate?
> > 
> > It depends on the type of the change you are doing.  A directory will
> > be created in all underlying filesystems; a similar behaviour will
> > happen at file and directory removal.  A file will be created in the
> > first filesystem which does not return error on a file_name_lookup
> > with O_CREAT flag.  File content modifications will go in the first
> > filesystem in which the file was successfully looked up.
> > 
> > I hope I've given an understandable explanation; if not, please ask
> > for more details :-)
> I think it's quite understandable. Many thanks! 

Good to hear :-)


P.S. Another remark: if you notice that I've missed some points or
said something stupid or offensive, feel free to inform me and I'll
try to correct things when I get back...

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