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Xen domU vs. more than 652 MiB of RAM

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Xen domU vs. more than 652 MiB of RAM
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 16:09:35 +0200
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Hello Samuel!

I've done a few things on zenhost: upgraded the Debian GNU/Linux host
system's packages -- not yet to Xen 3.4, but still left 3.2; ist 3.4 safe
to use? -- recompiled the Xen GNU Mach, redid the hurd-modules, rebooted
the system.  Now, all the domains do start fine, but not flubber.  I
isolated this to the configured amount of memory to be used by the domU.
flubber was configured to use 666 MiB.  749 MiB are free, as xm info
tells me.  However:

    tschwinge@zenhost:~ $ sudo xm create -c flubber
    Using config file "/etc/xen/flubber".
    Started domain flubber
                          tschwinge@zenhost:~ $ echo $?
    tschwinge@zenhost:~ $ sudo xm list
    Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs      State   
    Domain-0                                     0    50     1     r-----    
    blubber                                    143   222     1     -b----     
    flubber                                    147   666     1     --p---      
    foobar                                       6   160     1     -b----    
    grubber                                    144   333     1     -b----     

All of them use the same kernel (the new one), the same hurd-modules
(also the new one), and have the same configuration, differing only in
the obvious parts.  And: as soon as I reduce flubber's memory reservation
to 652 MiB, or below, it'll boot fine again.

A log for the 653 MiB error case is attached.  Or I can create an account
for you to log in on zenhost and you have a look for yourself.


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