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Re: Packaging Hurd translators for Debian

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: Packaging Hurd translators for Debian
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 16:10:59 +0100
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On Sun, Nov 08, 2009 at 10:36:16AM +0100, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 07:56:30AM +0200, olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net
> wrote:

> > (Assuming the packages get installed by default.)
> Debian's Suggests or Recommends mechanism ought to be used for that.

Suggests don't get pulled in automatically; so they aren't terribly
useful most of the time...

Recommends might be somewhat more helpful. However, as the hurd package
is already there the moment a new Hurd installation is created, I'm not
sure Recommends of the hurd package would ever get pulled in
automatically either?...

> > But that's not what we have now. And we have interesting new
> > translators that want to be first class citizens *now*, not
> > eventually...
> So, scaling this up, the workaround you suggest is to include every
> pice of software that you / I / others deem useful in some way into
> the Hurd package?

No, that's not what I'm suggesting. The fact that we obviously can't put
the whole system in a single package, doesn't automatically mean that
it's not useful to put certain consistent parts of the system in a
single package.

> How about instead actively looking for someone to do this small Debian
> packaging work?  Perhaps we could even ask on some Debian beginners'
> mailing list if there is a (yet unknown) person who wants to do it for
> us, sponsored by Michael, Guillem, Samuel, etc.?

Good idea... But it doesn't change my position on this :-)


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