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Re: man: pipeline, additional questions

From: Jakub Daniel
Subject: Re: man: pipeline, additional questions
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 23:13:15 +0100

> Where did you hear that?

i don't know all the sources but i heard it several times but it of course might not be true..  one of the sources is wikipedia.org.. but this one i might have misunderstood.

"From early on, the Hurd was developed to use GNU Mach as the microkernel. This was a technical decision made by Richard Stallman, and one that he later saw as a mistake."

If the reality is how You pointed it out then i am much happier right away :).. even though i thought viengoos would bring newer drivers and support for various things that mach has not yed focused on.

I also wondered if GNU/Hurd had some plan for future as other project have or due to the fact that there is lot of work on bugs that might yet occur it doesnt..

I mean whether there are some points when next release is made... some main revision versions with TODO lists.. i hoped i could help searching for bugs maybe even fixing some of them when i learn more about how actual debain/hurd distro is constructed.


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