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Re: too many warning messages from gnumach

From: Da Zheng
Subject: Re: too many warning messages from gnumach
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:11:18 +0800
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On 10-3-17 上午10:25, Da Zheng wrote:
> OK, now I can invoke kdb and set the variable. After the Hurd triggers the
> warning, I get to kdb and invoke 'show all thread/u", but I don't know how to
> find the task that trigger the warning. There are so many tasks and threads. 
> The
I know which task triggers the warning now, but kdb doesn't display the command
of the task. What is task ID in kdb? It's certainly not task port. And how to
find the corresponding process?

Best regards,
Zheng Da

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