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cross-gnu revived

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: cross-gnu revived
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 00:50:27 +0200
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This is just to tell you that cross-gnu is back alive.  See

Next is C++ support, integrating futher glibc / GCC stuff from my various
scattered repositoreis, as well as the Debian ones.  (Also pushing bit by
bit upstream, of course.)  (And fix all shortcoming we discover along the
way.)  (Yes, all of 'em.)  ;-)

Seriously, there is a Grand Plan of evolving this into a complete
regression testing system: use these toolchains to build (i.e., cross
compile) a complete bootable system distribution based on only the source
code.  This could perhaps be done by using either Arch Hurd (status?), or
Hydra, <http://hydra.nixos.org/project/gnu> (Ludovic, interested?).  (I
know that there's some work being done on making Debian packages better
cross-compilable too, but that's not yet generally usable.)  These
from-scratch-built system would them be booted in a Xen domU, the
packages' usual regression test suites be run, and evaluated.  The latter
regression testing can also be done with systems constructed by means of
running crosshurd, and that's also part of what I intend to do, as
promised some many moons ago.


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