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porting the clustered paging-in from OSF Mach to GNU Mach

From: Karim Allah Ahmed
Subject: porting the clustered paging-in from OSF Mach to GNU Mach
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 19:26:58 +0300

This is the first of a series of patches to support clustered paging-in in "GNU Mach", libpager Library, and translators.

This patch is a port of the clustered paging-in from "OSF Mach" to "GNU Mach"

ChangeLog [key modifications]:

-ported the clustered paging-in code from OSF Mach's [mach_kernel]/vm/vm_fault_page.c
-added "behavior" attribute for the "vm_map" entries
-added "cluster_size" attribute for the memory_objects alongĀ 
-Continuations in the vm_fault and vm_fault_page are removed.

* Update the headers of the modified files in GNU Mach to reflect the fact that they were ported from OSF Mach.
* Implement madvise() in glibc.
* Update the documentation of GNU Mach with the new interfaces.
* Revise and finish the code related to default_memory_manager management in GNU Mach.
* Port the vm_page "clustered" attribute. [ to mark that the page wasn't requested but was paged-in as part of the cluster ].

Some of gnumach's interfaces have been changed ( the addition of "cluster_size" ), and I'll be updating all the code in Hurd that is using the old interfaces in the next patches.

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