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Patches for libps

From: Jeremie Koenig
Subject: Patches for libps
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:31:54 +0200

Hi, these patches fix a few issues with libps which I have come across
while rewriting procfs (in good shape, coming soon!)

[PATCH 1/4] libps (_proc_stat_free): Fix deadly typo
[PATCH 2/4] libps (_proc_stat_free): Fix memory leak

These two should probably be applied.

This one fixes an error which can never happen (with GNU Mach anyway).
It's also less conservative than it could be, since I've chosen to
revamp the code so as to avoid the same kind of errors in the future.

This one is trivial and would probably not hurt (though the benefit
would not be that big either.)

More about the new procfs soon.

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