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Month of the Hurd 2010-08

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Month of the Hurd 2010-08
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 17:53:05 +0200
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I pushed the news to bddebian: 
→ http://www.bddebian.com/~hurd-web/news/2010-08-31/

If there’s something missing, please tell me! 

> This month you can get a lot of insight into the Hurd very easily by 
> the presentations from Neal Walfield and Michael Bank on Hurd 
> at the GHM (GNU Hackers' Meeting) in denhaag: [“It’s About Freedom”]
> ([video](http://audio-video.gnu.org/video/ghm2010/GNU-Hurd_-
> and Debian GNU/Hurd at the DebConf10:
> [“Past. Present. And Future?”]
> ([slides](http://penta.debconf.org/dc10_schedule/attachments/159_debian-
> [video](http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-
> including a very nice nod towards the main forces who are presently 
> pushing the Hurd forward *(→ further 
> [[media_appearances]] of the Hurd).*

> Also Jeremie Koenig (among other things)
> [rewrote procfs](http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-
> for the [[debian installer Summer of Code project|user/jkoenig]]:  
> *“I have successfully tested it with most of the Linux procps utilities,
> as well as busybox and htop. It seems to be stable, not too slow, and 
> it stays under 1.5M in resident size.”*  
> To get and test it:

> >    git clone http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/hurd/hurd.git  
> >    cd hurd  
> >    git remote add jk git://github.com/jeremie-koenig/hurd.git  
> >    git fetch jk  
> >    git checkout jk/procfs  *# Add "-b procfs" to create a local branch.*  
> >    make procfs  
> >    settrans -ag /proc procfs/procfs --compatible  
> >    *# you now have your new procfs*

<!--note: this shows off the ease with which you can test deeper changes in 
the Hurd, so I think it warrants the space it gets.-->

> Thomas Schwinge 
> [added more information](http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-
> into the wiki, notably open issues, to facilitate coordination, and started 
> [hurdextras cvs repositories ](http://www.nongnu.org/hurdextras/) into the 
> [hurd git repos](http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/hurd) and the 
> [incubator repository]
> All of these should make it easier for new contributors to join in, and 
> thanks to distributed version control, you can start hacking at once. 

> And the Arch Hurd team 
> [released a new LiveCD](http://www.archhurd.org/news/17) 
> ([changes](http://www.barrucadu.co.uk/arch-hurd-livecd-i686-
> which is a lot more stable that the previous one 
> (including a more stable X, now at Xorg 1.9), added a 
> [Planet Arch Hurd](http://planet.archhurd.org/) 
> which aggregates the Arch Hurd Blogs and packaged everything you need for a 
> [HAMP](http://www.archhurd.org/news/18/) system: 
> Hurd, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Sidenote: you can now 
> [flattr](http://flattr.com/thing/44395/Arch-Hurd) 
> Arch Hurd, if you want to support the project. 
> Also for 
> [Arch Hurd](http://archhurd.org), 
> Diego Nieto Cid brought the console-driver-xkb 
> [up to date](http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-

> Finally we had a short review of what the current Hurd contributors 
> [still need](http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-
> ([summary](http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-
> to use the Hurd for most of their day-to-day tasks. 

Best wishes, 

PS: Sorry for taking so long. There’s always too much stuff to do… On a 
sidenote: The presentations are great! 
singing a part of the history of free software: 

- http://infinite-hands.draketo.de

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