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ext3 or other journalling file system for Hurd?

From: Svante Signell
Subject: ext3 or other journalling file system for Hurd?
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 21:39:06 +0100


Some words from a long time lurker and GNU supporter:

I've (at last) taken the time to install GNU/Hurd, using qemu and the
Debian installer, ported by Jeremie Koenig and with a lot of help from
Samuel Thibault (and other people), thank you for your efforts! Now it
is rather easy to install Hurd, and it works sufficiently fast under
qemu, at least if you have a computer with hardware support. (I know
about Xen and Virtualbox too, but that will come later). 

Hoping to be able to help with testing, documenting (and maybe providing
patches) of GNU/Hurd. (Not serious development though, I have merely an
EE background, not CS). 

I have a problem that remains wrt GNU/Hurd: I'm still getting frequent
crashes (sometimes due to improper shutdown in qemu), and since only the
ext2 file system is supported, the file system has to be checked at
every new boot. Sometimes, even a proper shutdown in qemu results in a
corrupted file system at next boot.  Recently, I had a serious file
system corruption and am still suffering from that. Maybe a complete
reinstall is the only solution at this point. 

Is there a possibility/how much effort is needed to implement a
journalling file system like etx3, or other. (I think GNU-specific file
system would be asking for too much) This would greatly help to solve
the problems with file system corruptions at every boot (of course
fixing the qemu/mach/hurd bugs is also important).

BTW: The recent corruption happened them I did run top in the Hurd
console, trying to exit with C-c but the terminal was not restored, so I
just shut down the qemu window (equivalent to a hard shutdown).

Yes, I know there are just a handful of GNU/Hurd developers and many
problems to solve, like drivers, SATA, audio, etc, but anyway. Does a
priority wish list exist for the development, or are advances just
happening according to peoples interests?  

Thanks, back to lurking,

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