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Memory management for Gsoc

From: Maksym Planeta
Subject: Memory management for Gsoc
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 16:51:13 +0300


I'd like to participate in Gsoc this summer and I'm interested in memory
management. I was looking through the code, involved with memory
management, and concluded that kalloc subsystem can be improved.
Also I'd like to work upon virtual memory. 

I've tried to understand virtual memory in Linux and I'm investigating
virtual memory management in Hurd. I have theoretical knowledge of
virtual memory of x86 and x86_64 architectures.

In gsoc project ideas for vm tuning was written:
>The goal of this project is to bring the virtual memory management in
>Hurd/Mach closer to that of modern mainstream kernels (Linux, FreeBSD),
>by comparing the implementation to other systems, implementing any
>worthwhile improvements, and general optimization/tuning. It requires
>very good understanding of the Mach VM, and virtual memory in general.

and in http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5489:
>We need a new design to the Virtual Memory system, and Mach based ones
>are not a good idea for microkernels.

So, vm system should be redesigned. Can you advise me what way it can be
redesigned, if you have such ideas. And can it be part of Gsoc project?


Maksym Planeta

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