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From: neeraj nayal
Subject: GSoC
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 20:09:27 +0530

hello sir ,

I am Neeraj from India . My  Link Id is  neeraj_nayal_india  .
i want to work on GCC. but the problem is i was doing project using GCC till now.
but GSoC is providing a opportunity to work on GCC . but it is very difficult to work on GCC as i dont know Compiler Designing well .
but i can't gave up here so i am thinking to add some new library in GCC using C.

IDEA : my idea is that we should add Vector in C as it is in C++ . as it can be written using simple C . we will add ALL the procedure that is available
           in c++. and we can add some new feature also. but is it really a good idea ? please I need your help .

I am very good in 'C'. but when it comes to do for 'C' . it is little difficult . Do you have some project/idea which can be done in C programming ?
Thanks in Advance

Waiting for your response
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