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More Mentors!

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: More Mentors!
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 02:37:18 +0200
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We have quite a lot of proposals this year that look pretty promising so
far. We don't know yet of course which we ultimately want to go with
(and even if we did, we wouldn't be allowed to tell ;-) ) -- but if we
get enough slots, we might want to take up most of them.

However, I'd like to stick to one student per mentor if at all possible,
which means we will need quite many mentors. It would be a shame if we
had to refuse good proposals simply because we don't have interested

Here is a list of all proposals submitted for the Hurd:
- making xmlfs more full-featured
- memory manangement in gnumach (either clustered paging; or, more
  likely, replacing zalloc with something slabby)
- fixing portability problems in various Debian packages
- improving/completing Python bindings for translators (and other Hurd
- porting GNAT, and possibly implementing ADA bindings
- improving Java support and implementing Java bindings

If any of these sound like something you would like to mentor, please
sign up :-)

(BTW, some people have already offered mentoring, but haven't signed up
on the GSoC site yet, or haven't entered the mentoring offer in the
system. Please do so -- it is very important that potential mentors are
signed up in time, or else we might not get the slots at all!)


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