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Re: Debugging ghc6: Was: Re: Failure: ghc ...

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Re: Debugging ghc6: Was: Re: Failure: ghc ...
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 15:44:35 +0200

On Thu, 2011-04-14 at 15:30 +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Svante Signell, le Thu 14 Apr 2011 15:22:19 +0200, a écrit :

> These would block your pflocal and make the box unusable.

OK, won't use.

> Also, you
> don't really know where to put them, so you first have to investigate
> from the point where ghc is hung, by looking at the state of the threads
> which are answering the RPCs from ghc.

How to do that in gdb???

> > 2) Can I set a break/watchpoint in a .h-file?
> The whole point of inline functions is that they are inlined in several
> places, so I doubt gdb supports it.

Some code is actually in header files, like in pipe.h:

__extern_inline error_t
pipe_wait_writable (struct pipe *pipe, int noblock)
  size_t limit = pipe->write_limit;
  if (pipe->flags & PIPE_BROKEN)
    return EPIPE;
  while (pipe_readable (pipe, 1) >= limit)
      if (noblock)
        return EWOULDBLOCK;
      if (hurd_condition_wait (&pipe->pending_writes, &pipe->lock))
        return EINTR;
      if (pipe->flags & PIPE_BROKEN)
        return EPIPE;
  return 0;

How to track this stuff??

> glibc.

Do I need to go into glibc source code too??

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