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Re: forwarded proposal to finance some hurd work

From: Tanguy LE CARROUR
Subject: Re: forwarded proposal to finance some hurd work
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 21:07:31 +0200


2011/5/7 <olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net>
More importantly however -- as I stated before -- I have serious doubts
about the usefulness of small monetary rewards.
According to the reaction we got (...none...) I'm also starting to be a bit skeptical. :-(

GSoC works, because Google is paying more or less a normal salary (for a
student); so the participants can do it *instead* of a "normal" job.
Aahh, in the good old days students used to work for free! :-D

BTW I'd like to mention -- though this is rather hypothetical,[...] go for something the Hurd (like most volunteer project) lacks
even more severly: a community and outreach manager.
Sounds nice! But... what exactly is a "community and outreach manager"?! ^_^'

Anyway, the money is still there... we just have to find something to do with it!
And I think that a soon as we'll find an effective way to use the money, more people will donate!


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