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Re: Technical Documentation Help

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: Technical Documentation Help
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 10:00:23 +0200
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Hallo Lee!

On Sat, 9 Jul 2011 12:41:54 -0500, Lee DuBose <lee.dubose1@gmail.com> wrote:
> My name is Lee DuBose and I am [...]

Thanks for this nice introduction.

> I was wondering what I could do to help gnu in
> regards to being a technical writer, by helping document code or  anything
> else that needs to be written up.

This is a great offer, thanks!  And yes, we're in need of people like

So, whatever you're going to work on in the end, the first steps would be
either setting up a GNU/Hurd system yourself (possibly in a virtual
machine), or getting access to a GNU/Hurd shell account.  Then you should
explore the system a bit, and next I'm sure, we'll figure out something
for you to work on.  Does that sound like a plan?


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