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Re: DDE - Commit fb489ff causes FTBFS

From: Da Zheng
Subject: Re: DDE - Commit fb489ff causes FTBFS
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 14:17:23 -0700
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On 06/30/11 05:46, Samuel Thibault wrote:
I had been trying to build DDE packages for Arch Hurd for a while, and after
some discussion in #hurd, we found that in hurd/incubator.git, commit
fb489ff7a7989b85ae4f3c1deaf5dbf816de6545 , "drop generated files", prevents
building from source.  If I add 'git revert --no-edit fb489ff' to our build
scripts, everything builds correctly (and the ne2k_pci driver, at least, works)
Uh, it seems the Makefile rules are not regenerating them properly
indeed. All this really needs cleaning. Antrik told me Zheng Da has some
cleaned tree on some box, but didn't know where exactly...
Can it be in my own virtual machine? It was really quite a while, I don't remember myself.
I'll go back and check.


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