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Re: [SCM] GNU Mach branch, master, updated. fe26ae2e9cb01a7507c7a929cc55

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: [SCM] GNU Mach branch, master, updated. fe26ae2e9cb01a7507c7a929cc5555c7f6c1edfd
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 01:56:59 +0200
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On Thu, 01 Sep 2011 01:02:26 +0000, Samuel Thibault 
<samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org> wrote:
> commit 47a835d22b1a608fac5ee241474f128f64cb6a0f
> Author: Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org>
> Date:   Thu Sep 1 03:00:26 2011 +0200
>     Close kernel stacks.
>     * i386/i386/pcb.c (stack_attach): Initialize ebp to 0.

Is this another frame pointer than the one that is cleaned every time in
i386/i386/cswitch.S:Thread_continue?  (If yes, can we drop the assembly,
or does it have another purpose?)  But I don't completely understand the
stack switching/continuation (stack_handoff) code at this time.


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