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Re: Braun/Planeta slab allocator (was: GNU Hurd development blog: 2011-q

From: Maksym Planeta
Subject: Re: Braun/Planeta slab allocator (was: GNU Hurd development blog: 2011-q3)
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 16:02:25 +0200

В Срд, 23/11/2011 в 21:21 +0100, Thomas Schwinge пишет:

> I've been doing some real-world testing with this allocator; no issues
> found.  Thanks, Richard for the allocator, Maksym for picking the task of
> integrating it, and (again) Richard for mentoring him!  Maksym, I assume
> you have learned quite a lot during this project -- our contribution to
> making you fit for the real work, eh?  ;-)

Yes, I suppose that this was good task for starting programming for

And thanks, Richard, for mentoring me. You helped me a lot, especially
with your code style corrections. I'll try to keep all your suggestions.

Also I understood that virtual memory management is quite interesting
topic for me, so I'm going to work on it further.

> What not everyone may be aware of is that we're having a FOSS Factory
> bounty on this task: <http://www.fossfactory.org/project/p266>.  Of
> course, 148 USD is next to nothing for any software development task, but
> it is a nice recognition at least.  (And yes, you can still add to this
> sum.)  Richard generously refrains from claiming his share, so, Maksym,
> it's yours.  We'll figure out the details of how to receive it.  I think
> it starts with creating an account on the site and hitting the ``Make a
> Submission'' link on the page I gave above.  (Don't spend any time on
> submitting any real content -- we already have it.  If the system
> requires it, just submit a text file with whichever content.)

Thank you. I'll sign up now.

> Some data (all in minutes) of ``make && make install && make check'' of a
> recent GNU binutils version:
> Statistical noise; nothing worth of noteing.  Good.

Difference isn't big, but I disagree that it's just a noise, because
this difference is systematic and constant in some range. At least
according to tests that I made in September, but your results don't
disprove it.

Here are my results for "time ( cd gnumach−1* && dpkg−buildpackage)":
   slab      zalloc
38m28.290s 38m58.400s
38m38.240s 38m42.140s
38m30.410s 38m52.920s


Maksym Planeta

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