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Re: dde forcedeth driver

From: Jakub Daniel
Subject: Re: dde forcedeth driver
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 01:56:50 +0100

I cant find the correct page (i will continue searching in the morning) but i am sure that i used the gnumach shipped with 2012-02-19 with the forcedeth driver built with the dde-debian hurd. and then i tried user-space driver built (following the guide) with the same dde_forcedeth. Both ended with the error i sent in the earlier mail. So either dde-debian hurd driver is not supposed to work with the packaged gnumach or there is a wrong devnode or something (but i dont get why there are dde_*DRIVER NAME* files but dde_devnode is not present and there is just devnode instead (guide mentions dde_devnode)).
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