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dde drivers

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: dde drivers
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 23:39:15 +0100
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I took my big hammer, and commited a dde_net branch in the incubator
which contains a verbatim copy of the linux net drivers, copied
the makefile from the dde branch, and blacklisted something like half
of them (mostly arch-specific, wlan, pcmcia, usb, etc.).

Clone it, run make convert then make, and you'll get a dde_net
binary with a lot of drivers, which you can settrans like other dde

Obviously I haven't tested them all :) , only rtl8139.  But that should
make it easier for people to try to get network support, and we should
be able to just replace the gnumach drivers with it.

Arch people, I'm a bit wary of completely replacing the dde guide on the
wiki with the procedure above, but ideally that's what we should do.
Arch/Hurd however first needs to install headers and libs as needed. It
shouldn't be very hard, it's just a matter of running make install in
libmachdev, libddekit and libhurd-slab, run
make install INSTALLDIR=/usr/share/libdde_linux26/build/include
in libdde_linux26/, copy libdde_linux26/{mk,Makeconf} to
/usr/share/libdde_linux26, and libdde_linux26/lib/src/libdde_*.a to


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