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Re: [GSoC] Virtualization Using Hurd Mechanisms

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: [GSoC] Virtualization Using Hurd Mechanisms
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 19:24:43 +0200
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Quoting Pierre Thierry (2012-04-12 11:47:23)
>Hi all,
>this year I applied for a slot in Google's Summer of Code on the
>Hurd[1], to tackle virtualization à la Hurd. As I currently have no
>other commitments during the summer, I will be able work on this
>project between half-time and full-time, during the whole summer.
>  1. 
> http://google-melange.appspot.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/nowhereman/1
>As I describe it in my application, I'll start from user stories (or
>scenarii). I have a few in mind, but if you have your own ideas, I'll
>take them gladly; the more the merrier, and foremost, the more stories
>I get, the least I risk missing an important piece of requirement for
>the tool.

I'd love to see your tool being implemented as a libvirt backend.


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