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Re: Continuous testing of GNU/Hurd

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Continuous testing of GNU/Hurd
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 19:35:03 +0200
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FYI, there are now several tests being run at:


‘qemu_tests.build’ rebuilds the Hurd within itself, ‘parallel_build’
does the same with ‘make -j4’ (and fails with an invalid port
deallocation, see the log), and ‘coreutils’ builds the latest Coreutils
on the latest GNU/Hurd (its test suite currently hangs for unknown reasons.)

The more important news is that all these tests are now run not only
with the latest Hurd, Mach, and Parted, but also with the latest
Savannah glibc.

So, at every commit in one of these projects, the whole cross-toolchain
gets rebuilt and used to cross-compile the various development tools
found in the QEMU image in which the tests are run.

The machinery for this is at:


It’s mostly Nix code that builds on top of the cross-toolchain framework
found in Nixpkgs.

To try it at home, you need an installation of Nix, a checkout of
Nixpkgs and hydra-recipes, as well as checkouts of Hurd/Mach/Parted/libc
(though ‘release.nix’ can be tweaked to use snapshots instead.)
Assuming these checkouts are under ~/src, one can for instance run:

  $ nix-build -I ~/src -A qemu_tests.coreutils release.nix

Needless to say, this is quite CPU- and disk-intensive.  :-)

Feel free to ask any questions.  I’m usually on Freenode as ‘civodul’.


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