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Re: Reworking libpager.

From: Neal H. Walfield
Subject: Re: Reworking libpager.
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 13:18:37 +0200
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Hi, Максим,

If I didn't post the patches, then either I never wrote them or they
have been lost.  Sorry.


At Sun, 3 Jun 2012 14:08:27 +0300,
Максим wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm GSoC student and I work upon improving of disk I/O in hurd [1]. As part
> of my project I have to modify libpager's interface. I know that 10 years
> ago you intended to do this. You posted patch for libpager and wrote that
> you will follow with patches for libdiskfs and ext2fs once you have some
> comments on this work [2]. But seems that nobody reviewed libpager patch,
> and hence, you didn't post other patches. Are these patches still exist and
> can you post them now?
> 1. 
> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/mcsim/29002
> 2. http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.os.hurd.bugs/446
> --
> Regards,
> Maksym Planeta.

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