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Re: Become developer

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: Become developer
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 12:38:44 +0700
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>>>>> Alessandro Caligaris <alessandro.caligaris1991@gmail.com> writes:

 > my name is Alessandro and i'm a young developer.  I love the open
 > source world and I would love to join the GNU hurd project as
 > developer.  In attachment, there is my CV.

 > [2. application/msword; Alessandro_Caligaris_CV.doc]...

        While my guess is that everyone here will appreciate your
        aspiration to become a Hurd developer (as there're only a few of
        them!), there's a stance of the free software community that
        proprietary file formats should be avoided whenever possible.

        Instead, you should try to use, e. g., ODF, which is an ISO
        standard (and thus was openly published.)  Be sure to check [1]
        for more details.

        And thank you for considering joining the GNU Hurd team!

[1] http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/opendocument

FSF associate member #7257

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