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Re: Hurd build system Makeconf

From: Thomas Thomas
Subject: Re: Hurd build system Makeconf
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 18:25:21 -0700 (PDT)


It seems that you are using the patch that I sent to bug-hurd on June 20. 
That patch expected a place-holder for libpthread: it expects libpthread
to be in the tree as if it were a hurd library, but it doesn't try to build it: 
hence, no rule to make libpthread. I also must note that hurd_condition_wait 
wasn't renamed yet. That is going to cause a bunch of warnings. 

I've attached a new patch that reflects some things that have been 

worked on since then. Notably, pthreads has been removed as a hurd 

library. That has been an intention all along:
Pthreads now links as an independent library. I renamed 

hurd_condition_wait to make it easier to compile: now it is 

hurd_cond_wait. Most of the other things are minor omissions that I 

have caught: things in cthreads-compat that I haven't had set to flag as 


I've started to hack hurd_cond_wait into libshouldbeinlibc, but I'm having 

linking issues. Maybe you'll have more luck....

Thomas D

P.S. My name is Thomas DiModica. 

I told Yahoo that it was Thomas Thomas when I made this email account 

years ago. I am very sorry for any confusion that may have occurred due 

to this. I will try to fix what my emails say my name is so as to not cause 

any further confusion.

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