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Re: Compiling ext2fs.static with pthreads

From: Thomas DiModica
Subject: Re: Compiling ext2fs.static with pthreads
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 13:38:57 -0700 (PDT)

>How I got around this was to apply Thomas Schwinge's fix_have_kernel_resources
>branch to libpthread. Basically, the first thread structure allocated is not 
>zeroed out,
>so have_kernel_resources is some random non-zero number, and thus the thread
>neither gets a wakeup port, nor does the kernel_thread member get initialized.
>There may be other issues to work on.

My bad. There are. This might be a problem in the Debian patches, as this 
problem disappeared for me when fix_have_kernel_resources was the ONLY patch
I was applying against libpthread. I forgot about this issue because it 
disappeared for
me. That was three months ago.

On the subject of fix_have_kernel_resources: what further work can I do to get 
integrated? I can split the predicates. I can also go into a lengthy rant as to 
why, to
the best of my understanding, both resources are treated in an atomic manner, 
the exception of one instance (which I have commented on before).
I am not going to fix something that I don't see as broken without guidance.

Thomas D

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