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Re: [PATCH] simplify ulimit implementation

From: Pino Toscano
Subject: Re: [PATCH] simplify ulimit implementation
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 19:17:06 +0100
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Alle lunedì 19 novembre 2012, Roland McGrath ha scritto:
> I don't think losing __UL_GETMAXBRK is really a problem.  The reason
> for removing it was not specific to Linux, just to the
> implementation being in a shared library.  It could be implemented
> in a shared library, at the cost of a GOT reloc for _etext to get
> the main executable's value (or conversely, perhaps some grovelling
> in dynamic linker data structures for the shared case).  But given
> that the current implementation usable on the Hurd will yield
> utterly useless values, the case for having it at all is
> inordinately weak.


Attached there are the two patches of the ulimit reorganization, as you 
suggested in a previous email:
1) move the linux implementation as posix (including limits.h)
2) remove the bsd implementation

Pino Toscano

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