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Small hack entries

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Small hack entries
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 21:25:43 +0100
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I have added the following section to the "contributing" section of the
wiki. It won't appear immediately, so I'm also posting this on the


## Small hack entries

Here is a list of small hacks, which can serve as entries into the Hurd code for
people who would like to dive into the code but just lack a "somewhere to begin

* Make pfinet OK with the ethernet device going away. This would be a very
nice feature: being able to just restart the ethernet driver; we've just not
taken the time to fix it yet, but it shouldn't be very hard. The code begins
at `hurd/pfinet/ethernet.c`, `ethernet_open()`, the `device_open` call, which
produces `edev->ether_port`. Basically, one needs to catch errors like EIEIO
when using it, and in that case re-open the device.
* Add a futex kernel trap to GNU Mach. This can be useful for nicer locking
primitives, including inter-process primitives. `vm_allocate` can be used as an
example in the `gnumach` source tree for how to add a kernel trap. 
* Add a `task_set_name` RPC to GNU Mach. Currently the Mach
debugger keeps `arg[0]` from the stack with ugly heuristics (see
`gnumach/i386/i386/db_interface.c`, `looks_like_command`...). It would be
far better to let `exec` simply set the name and record it in `task_t`.
`thread_create` can be used as an example in the `gnumach` source tree for how
to add an RPC. glibc needs to be recompiled against the updated mach.defs to get
access to it from userland. exec would probably call it from `hurd/exec/exec.c`,
* Write a partfs translator, to which one gives a disk image, and
which exposes the partitions of the disk image, using parted, and
the parted-based storeio (`settrans -c foos1 /hurd/storeio -T typed
part:1:file:/home/samy/tmp/foo`). This would be libnetfs-based.
* Write virtio drivers for KVM. Ideally they would be userland.
* Port valgrind. There is a whole
[[GSoC proposal|community/gsoc/project_ideas/valgrind ]] about this, but the
basic port could be small.
* Add a `-E` option to `rpctrace` to specify environment variables: 
* Use libz and libbz2 in exec. See `hurd/exec/unzip.c` etc., they should be 
replaced by mere calls to libraries, 
* Add `/proc/$pid/maps`. `vminfo` already has this kind of information, it's a  
matter of making procfs do the same. https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?32770

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