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Re: GNU is almost 30

From: Fabio Gonzalez
Subject: Re: GNU is almost 30
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 12:22:56 +0000

       GNU is turning 30 in September [0].

       What do people (well, maintainers) think of
       publishing source tarballs of the various
       sub-projects by then?

I do not understand very well, this include
GNU fcrypt?

I think that a release of GNU fcrypt would be nice.
But I need to fix some things. And I want to add
a couple of alternatives modes of operation.

I think that may be something wrong with the
Hurd implementation: I will try to fix
GNU fcrypt after studying red-black tree.
And I need to write the documentation.

P.S - I recently published an philosophical
article applying the ideals of the Free
Software Movement to children as the GNU
fcrypt philosophy. This issue
is incomplete without justifying why children
deserve freedom too.

Fabio Gonzalez
GNU fcrypt Maintainer

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