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Further Hurd releases (was: [PATCH 3/5] libports: fix error handling in

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Further Hurd releases (was: [PATCH 3/5] libports: fix error handling in _ports_create_port_internal)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 17:34:54 +0200
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On Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:54:43 +0200, Justus Winter 
<4winter@informatik.uni-hamburg.de> wrote:
> what you're suggesting is not
> possible. Labels can only be placed in front of a statement and a
> declaration is not a statement. Well, that's what gcc told me...

D'oh.  :-)

> Quoting Thomas Schwinge (2013-10-25 15:27:10)
> > or even [...]
> Ok, I will have a look at cleaning up this function. However, this
> seems like a critical bug in a critical component of the Hurd.

That bug has been present for a long time, introduced 12.5 years ago in
commit b5a4fc2bc5ee18907945cb5cd9eb792dc4f4b19e -- and I note both Neal
and Roland failed to notice this ;-) -- so I think a "hectic rush" is not
appropriate now.  Nobody's business will come to a grinding halt because
of this, and neither is any life at stake.  ;-)

> wanted to post this now as Samuel is planning to upload a new Hurd
> package soonish.

I'm not objecting, but while we certainly can and shall be doing further
Hurd releases in a (much!) more frequent manner than in the last decade,
I again see no reason to sort-of start "spamming" the Internet with new
Hurd releases now -- for the same reasoning as given just above.

The v0.5 release was just one month ago.  Strictly speaking, if you now
want to have a v0.5.1 bug fix release, that should logically be coming
From a v0.5 release branch (or you assert there have only been "stable"
patches been applied to the master branch in the mean time).  What's the
idea then about another bug fix release v0.5.2 later on, where should
this be coming from?

I'm not interested in maintaining a v0.5 release branch, and everyone who
closely wants to follow Hurd development (and thus would be interested in
another release after just one month) shall track the master branch
anyway, in my opinion.

How often do you want to make releases now?  Frequently making releases
off of the master branch without any stabilization period (and/or release
branches) does not make sense to me, other than for publicity reasons
(but that will very quickly become void if done too frequently, I
assume).  Such releases off of the master branch would then rather be
called daily snapshots (as I suggested before) instead of releases.

That said, and as I said, I'm not objecting to making a v0.5.1 release
now (especially if there indeed are just non-minor bug fix commits on the
master branch), but first would like the general future procedure

> I will be afk for the weekend, if anyone wants to improve the patch in
> the meantime, I won't mind ;)

Enjoy the weekend!


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