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I got visudo working

From: Peter Baumgarten
Subject: I got visudo working
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:28:56 -0500

to summerize my experiences with the visudo bug so far,

1. sudo will not build unless umask is something other than 000 even
though /etc/login.defs says the default should be 022. I set the umask
to 002 and 022 in a normal users's .profile and on both occasions sudo
2. use-flock-on-hurd.diff is not in debian/patches/series file so it was
never applied
3. Even if it was in series, use-flock-on-hurd.diff says to change
configure.in which no longer exists. 
4. I manually changed configure.ac from what the original patch said and
sudo builds, I installed the resulting deb file and now visudo works!

So now, what is the PREFERRED way to generate the patch and send it

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