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C developper offer

From: Julian Alcolea
Subject: C developper offer
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 23:28:31 +0200

Dear all

I am looking for a GNU project where i could help in the development proccess.

I have a very good knoledge in C  languaje, more than 10 years and i am an advanced linux user , more than 10 years of continuous use.
My proffesional projects are related to telecominications few years ago and now i am working for military projects.

I do not know exactly which is the correct way to start helping to any GNU project, i have started looking for it in the web savannah where i found  this email.

Please tell me if you have any needs and if i could help you 
Anyway, i would appreciate any advices of how start helping any other GNU project

Best regards

Julián Alcolea Martínez - Spain

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