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From: Pietro Braione
Subject: Introduction
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 10:35:37 +0200

Dear all,
My name is Pietro Braione, and I am a researcher at the University of 
Milano-Bicocca. I was first introduced to the existence of the Hurd many years 
ago by Richard Stallman, when he came in Milan for a Q&A session on free 
software. Now I think it is the time to offer my contribution to the project. 
Since I have some expertise on software quality, I would like to contribute 
raising the overall quality of the Hurd software, especially of the GNUmach 
microkernel. Unfortunately I have no experience in system and kernel 
programming, and I can dedicate a very limited amount of time. This said, I 
think that my small contribution can essentially be doing some janitorial work 
- updating the documentation and the website, and cleaning the GNUmach code. As 
a starter I created a work environment (Debian GNU/Hurd 0.5 under Virtualbox), 
downloaded the source from git (master branch), compiled, and analyzed the 
warnings. As a result I have a small patch for the (two) print formatting 
warnings returned by the compilation. How do I submit it? 
Secondly: I found some inconsistencies between the website and the 
documentation. How do I report/fix them?

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