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Valgrind Hurd - plan changes

From: Subhashish Pradhan
Subject: Valgrind Hurd - plan changes
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 14:58:04 +0530


I faced a small problem at the end of GSoC. The problem was that the patch set faced "dirty patch" warnings while applying them on a fresh Valgrind source.

So I looked up about it and came to the conclusion that they couldn't be solved easily. There were alternatives like forking(or importing via Github) from a Valgrind mirror and working on that instead of creating a repository which I did.

I found an unofficial mirror[1] which is actively updated. The required version branch could be imported and set up easily but the previous work would need to be done again, but this would be faster than earlier, since new files need to be added not written.

Plus with the release of a new version (3.10.0) of Valgrind which is here to stay for about a year, based on the release cycle, it would be wise to develop for the new branch and aim for incorporating the Hurd version for the next release.

Also the "dirty patch" problems would be watched out for during the development.

So may I re-base my work on the new Valgrind 3.10.0? Comments please.

Subhashish Pradhan

1 - https://github.com/liquid-mirror/valgrind/

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