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Scripts to build a Hurd distro

From: David Michael
Subject: Scripts to build a Hurd distro
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 17:40:03 -0500


I've uploaded updates to my Hurd build scripts for Fedora 21, so I
thought I'd send a note about it in case it helps anyone else out there
who is interested in building Hurd outside Debian.  (The project has
actually bloated into a fairly complete distro itself at this point.)
It can be downloaded from https://github.com/dm0-/gnuxc .  Here are some
nifty things it can do:

* It runs GNU dmd as PID 1, with service definitions like mcron, lsh,
  syslog, and the Hurd console client.

* It includes a Linux-libre kernel with a statically linked QEMU so that
  it is still possible to boot Hurd virtually on machines with
  unsupported hardware.  (I use this for a Live CD type of setup and EFI

* It has a Guile/Make file to bootstrap and build all the cross-compiler
  RPMs in parallel with proper dependency tracking.

* It can use your CPU to heat your home or office.

An old dual-core MacBook Air takes about four hours to build the entire
OS and cross-compilers from scratch (including the huge packages like
IceCat), e.g. with "time (make -f setup-sysroot.scm -j8 && gmake -j8)".
It builds faster on systems with more CPU cores due to parallelizing

This is still mostly a learning experience for myself with a lot of
things I have yet to correct, so it should be considered far from
stable.  Nevertheless, you might find something useful in there.

Happy hacking.


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