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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v2] qemu-nbd: only send a limited number of errn

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v2] qemu-nbd: only send a limited number of errno codes on the wire
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 16:29:28 +0200
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With my GNU Hurd hat on:

On Fri,  8 May 2015 11:50:28 +0200, Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com> wrote:
> Right now, NBD includes potentially platform-specific error values in
> the wire protocol.

> This patch [...]

> Incoming values will in general match system errno values, but not
> on the Hurd which has different errno values (they have a "subsystem
> code" equal to 0x10 in bits 24-31).  The Hurd is probably not something
> to which QEMU has been ported, but still do the right thing and
> reverse-map the NBD errno values to the system errno values.
> The corresponding patch to the NBD protocol description can be found at
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.nbd.general/3154.

Thank you!  I added this information/links to


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