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GSoC: Porting Guix to Hurd week 3+4 report.

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: GSoC: Porting Guix to Hurd week 3+4 report.
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 11:13:44 +0300

Hello Guix, Hello Hurd

Last week I didn't send a report on my progress because I didn't
believe I have anything
of importance to report. So here is a recap of what I did these two
weeks, the problems I
came up with, and the problems I currently have.

1) I sent the patches of the two previews weeks for review, modified
them according to Ludo's
 suggestions and most of them are pushed in the right branches.

2) I thought last week I was close in producing the tarballs. I was
wrong. There is a problem
when building %gcc-static that the build fail at libgcc because it
targets the wrong system.
This is what I was investigating the whole week. While trying to find
what's wrong I stumbled
upon these problems:

3) Found a circular dependency between glibc-hurd-headers and
hurd-minimal. Resolved it
and sent a patch to the list. (Ludovic please give it a look :-))

4) tarball-package in make-bootstrap.scm does not give the right name
to the packages it produces.
Changed tarball-package so now we can pass the target to it and as a
result it will use the proper name.

5) gcc-4.7 passes "--with-native-system-header-dir=" which points to
the wrong libc. According to my
understanding this should point to the proper libc to be used in the
target system. Am I right?

6) So the problem with %gcc-static is that libdecnumber: sets "dpd"
while  libgcc: sets "no" and we get
 a build failure because it can't find "no" in libdecnumber. Found a
similar case here
https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2007-03/msg00941.html . Turned everything
in make-bootstrap.scm into procedures
so I am sure it evaluates to the right libc, patched libdecunmber's
and libgcc's configure.ac so they
run AC_CANONICAL_{BUILD,HOST,TARGET} and made sure with the repl that
the right glibc is used.
And still can't find how to solve it. Any suggestions?

I have probably forgot some things but I believe I reported most of
them. I would really like your opinion on
these problems so I can continue.


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