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(Newbie question) Failed building hurd on Debian GNU Hurd

From: Braione Pietro
Subject: (Newbie question) Failed building hurd on Debian GNU Hurd
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 12:31:16 +0000

Hello to everyone. As from the title, I am a complete newbie. It is the first 
time I am trying to build hurd from sources (but I have successfully built 
gnumach and mig many times). My platform is Debian GNU Hurd (should be the 2013 
version). I followed the INSTALL file in the hurd source tree and tried with:

cd mig
git pull
./configure PREFIX=/usr/local && make && make install #(debian puts mig in 
/usr/local, not in default /usr)
cd ../gnumach
git pull
./configure && make && make install && cp gnumach.gz /boot/gnumach-1.4-486.gz
cd hurd
git pull
autoconf && ./configure && make

but it fails (after a lot of time) when compiling the auth server:

make -C auth all
make [1]: Entering directory ‘root/hurd/auth’
 -std=gnu99 -fgnu89-inline -Wall -g -O3 -g -O2 -uargp_program_bug_address -o 
auth \
    auth.o authServer.o auth_replyUser.o \
    ‘-Wl,-(‘ ../libhurdbugaddr/libhurdbugaddr.so 
/usr/lib/i386-gnu/libpthread.so ../libports/libports.so ../libihash/libihash.so 
../libshouldbeinlibc/libshouldbeinlibc.so \
../libports/libports.so: undefined reference to 
../libports/libports.so: undefined reference to 
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

What am I missing?
Pietro Braione

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