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Re: libusb+librump patch

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: libusb+librump patch
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:37:50 +0200
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Hi Bruno,

El 30/09/15 a les 06:57, Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro ha escrit:
To test the built library, build the example application and run it.

   $ cd examples && make
   $ su -c './listdevs'

Now, here is the problem: When I run 'listdevs' with no USB device
connected to the box I get:

   libusb: 0.000000 debug [libusb_init] libusb-1.0.9
   libusb: 1.870000 debug [usbi_add_pollfd] add fd 4 events 1
   libusb: 1.870000 debug [libusb_init] created default context
   libusb: 1.880000 debug [libusb_get_device_list]
   libusb: 1.880000 debug [obsd_get_device_list]
   libusb: 1.910000 debug [libusb_exit]
   libusb: 1.910000 debug [libusb_exit] destroying default context
   libusb: 1.920000 debug [usbi_remove_pollfd] remove fd 4

And thus no device is listed, as expected.  However, if I plug in any
USB device I get the following message after the first (libusb_init)

   WARNING: 1 error while detecting hardware; check system log.

It means that this message is produced by the 'rump_init' function.
The other debug messages are the same, and thus no device is listed
--- what's not right.

Do you have any idea on what's going on?  Any points to facts,
procedures, concepts or documentation will be highly appreciated.

I suggest you export RUMP_VERBOSE=2 to get verbose output from the
Rump kernel.

OTOH I think this part of your patch:

+  #define RUMP_SYS_OPEN
+  #define RUMP_SYS_CLOSE
+  #define RUMP_SYS_IOCTL

is a bit dangerous. It would break any (current or future) usage of
open() / close() / etc in that file which is not related to USB device

Best regards

Robert Millan

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