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Re: A small change to gnumach.texi

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: A small change to gnumach.texi
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 16:34:56 +0200
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Olaf Buddenhagen, le Fri 16 Oct 2015 18:22:23 +0200, a écrit :
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 01:03:37PM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Thanks for the idea, I'm just wondering about the copyright and/or
> > licence. We need to make sure that it is compatible with the GFDL used
> > by the gnumach documentation.
> Well, Thomas will know better than me -- but IIRC we put the entire wiki
> under GFDL, precisely to allow for this kind of exchange?...

Yes, but this page is not marked as licenced under GFDL. So we need to
track down where this text comes from and the corresponding licence,
otherwise we can't do anything with it.


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