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Re: test case for partial file locking for translators using libnetfs.

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: test case for partial file locking for translators using libnetfs.
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 07:21:35 +0100
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Hi :)

Quoting Svante Signell (2015-12-16 20:54:24)
> I'd like to derive a test case for partial file locking with libnetfs: Setting
> up ftpfs and reading e.g. cat ftp://ftp.gnu.org/README works fine. But open() 
> on
> that file returns EBADF.

If you can cat it, then open works fine.  How else would cat be able
to open the file?  I guess your open testcase fails because it tries
to open the file writable, which you don't have permissions for on the
gnu server.  When in doubt, rpctrace is your friend.

> Other translators using libnetfs are: cvsfs, gohperfs, httpfs, mboxfs, nfs,
> procfs, tarfs, xmlfs.

Well, most of them are remote file systems.  Providing the required
locking semantics will be somewhere between tricky and impossible
anyways (I remember you mentioning the need for a new proc api).  I
believe NFS allows for distributed locking, but I'm not sure it's
worth the effort.  Any translator that doesn't do writes doesn't need
locking anyway, and some of the translators are likely more prototypes
than anything else (e.g. xmlfs).


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